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"Token mismatch" error

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When I try to view the "Pending Transactions" datalist, I get an error which I've never seen before.

It says:

The list could not be loaded. Unable to load datalist.  Server was unable to process request.  ---> Access denied from Plugin (token mismatch)

This datalist is accessible under the "Web" functional area after clicking the "Manage Web Transactions" task.  The catalog name of the datalist is "NetCommunity Pending Transaction Count List".

Has anyone seen this issue before, and if so, do you know how to resolve it?

asked Jul 5, 2011 by josephstyons (1,752 points)   7 33 64

1 Answer

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Best answer

Invalid plugin credentials in settings table or web.config.

answered Jun 14 by chriswhisenhunt (3,850 points)   8 25 43
selected Jun 14 by josephstyons