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Deployment Automation

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Hello all,

I am just curious if anyone has automated their deployments. If so, what are you using? Is it working well for you?


asked Aug 1 by nolan-regenwether (139 points)   1 3 10

2 Answers

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I use visual studio team services for deployments to all of environments. Below is a link to the how I setup the local builds. Look into the visual studio team services on their website and let me know if you have any questions. chris.whisenhunt@gmail.com


answered Aug 1 by chriswhisenhunt (3,850 points)   8 25 43

Awesome, thanks! I look forward to part 2 through 238423. :)

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We use VSTS for everything as well. It can be a bear to get going. Happy to help as well if you need a hand setting things up. garrett.keating@usna.com

answered Aug 2 by garrett-keating (162 points)   1 7

Awesome, thank you!