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Data List of Business Process Output

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Has anyone created a data list or query view off of output from a business process? The way these are stored in the database, I would really like to know if there is a way to pass the business process' ID to something then return a table of that business process status' results.

asked Sep 12 by nolan-regenwether (133 points)   1 3 10

1 Answer

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They do this out of box for all of their business processes. It's the history tab.

answered Sep 13 by chriswhisenhunt (3,808 points)   8 24 43

Hi Chris,

I wound up finding a good answer so I'll share it here. I don't think I worded the question properly, I was looking to display the results of an instance of a business process as in the table they produce when run. Unfortunately, the "business process status" is where the output tables are linked too, muddying up the meaning.

Blackbaud has a built in table value function which takes a selection and returns a table. This is called...


This can then be referenced by either a data list or a query view for a listbuilder.