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Site Selection Parameter for a Report

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I have a report that I need to offer the ability to filter by Sites and I'd like to use the same/similar method that Blackbaud uses in many areas where you can select Sites hierarchically. My report Stored Procedure is good to go and handles the XML parameters just fine. However, I'm a bit bedeviled by the UI. I feel pretty confident with SQL and even the XML specs for CRM. I'm not nearly as confident with the UI model.

It doesn't seem to be documented and I'm trying to reverse engineer how Blackbaud's done it but it is stretching my brain.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



asked Sep 24 by mitchgibbs (149 points)   2 7 18

1 Answer

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Hi Mitch,

Take a look at the answer posted for a (somewhat) related question, http://www.bbdevnetwork.com/qa/41732/data-list-with-multi-select-filer?show=44992#a44992

The important bits are that you'll need to add the form fields SITEFILTERMODE, SITESSELECTED, and SITEID to your report spec, and the SiteHierarchyFilterHelper.MapField() call to your custom UI model. Using that sample code, you should see the standard site filter hierarchy element as a parameter for your report.

Hopefully that helps you to get started.

  • Mike
answered Sep 29 by msimion (114 points)   2 3 6