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Auditing record access in CRM?

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Has anyone done anything around auditing when users access records in CRM (primarily interested in Constituent records)?

Our audit/compliance folks have asked for us to be able to do this. I know we can audit changes - but I've not explored auditing just when someone opens a record.



asked Nov 20 by mitchgibbs (149 points)   2 7 18

1 Answer

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The table USERPAGEHISTORY has some of this data. It stores one record per page per app user so you can see the last time each app user accessed any page. For pages with context like constituent the column HISTORY shows all the different records of that type with time stamps as an Xml. The limitation is you can only get the most recent visit and I don't see an audit table for this so if you need a count for app user by page I believe you would need to make your own to handle.

answered Nov 21 by toneil (183 points)   3 7 15