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About Alan Eager

Principal Consultant at Blackbaud in the Business Intelligence practice. Extensive experience in BI prior to and at Blackbaud with 13 years at Blackbaud and 7 years prior to Blackbaud.

Running BBDW USPs in BBCRM using the Global Change Spec

By: Alan Eager

Posted on: July 3, 2017

We can use the feature of a CLR Global Change Spec to connect to BBDW and run a SQL Stored Procedure.  This will appear in the Global Change screen in the Admin Functional Area.  One such example is to use a USP to call the BBDW.RESET_ETL USP. The two Global Change tasks listed deal with Running the ETL Reset USP and running a custom SQL Agent Job both in the BBDW SQL instance and database. The Spec Code will call a VB CLR and is as follows: <GlobalChangeSpec     xmlns="bb_appfx_globalchange"     xmlns:c="bb_appfx_commontypes"     ID="63462369-B1C7-4778-8957-AA325A1FAC44"     Name="BBDW Loa... Read More

Adding a Custom Data Mart to CRM other than BBDW

By: Alan Eager

Posted on: November 6, 2014

CRM has been developed to potentially recognize multiple Data Marts/Warehouses.  The current out-of-box (OOB) one is of course the Blackbaud Data Warehouse (BBDW).  This is integrated into CRM so CRM recognizes where various BBDW components are such as the SQL Database and OLAP cube for example.  This is taken a step further when utilizing the Infinity SDK to develop customizations against that Data Mart.  These customizations take the form of XML specs such as Query Views, Data Lists, Views, Stored Procedures, Functions, etc.  When using these specs, you will notice that there is a reference... Read More

Changing the row limits on Queries and Data Lists

By: Alan Eager

Posted on: June 3, 2014

It is often mentioned that Query is limited to 500 rows and Data Lists to 10,000.  This is due to providing some "governor" limits so as to not let users do runaway queries or lists.  This limit can be changed.  This is how to do it. The settings that you’ll  need are AdHocQueryMaxRecordsDefault and DataListMaxRecordsDefault. They’ll both need to go somewhere in the <appSettings> section of the web.config and should look something like this: <add key=" AdHocQueryMaxRecordsDefault " value="100000" /> <add key=" DataListMaxRecordsDefault " value="100000" />   To get some i... Read More

BBDW Refresh/ETL performance hints and tips

By: Alan Eager

Posted on: March 5, 2014

This article is to help out with increasing your BBDW refresh/ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) times.  Things to consider are as follows: 1)      Updating Stats on the CRM Database Just by running the SQL Server Stored Procedure sp_updatestats on the BB CRM database and letting it run (potentially for a few minutes) can potentially save hours for a BBDW refresh. exec sp_updatestats Some ETL performance work I've been doing recently at a client with larger data volumes (6 Million+ constits, 25 Million+ gifts, 60 Million+ gift attributes) initially resulted in Financial Transaction and Financia... Read More

BBDW – Importing Attributes and Smartfields

By: Alan Eager

Posted on: March 14, 2013

In BBDW, you can configure SmartFields and Attributes to come over into the Data Warehouse.  This can be done using the CRM Admin Data Marts screen. Click on the “Select eligible smart fields” or “Select eligible attribute categories” on the top left in the action bar. SmartFields will show Constituent and Revenue SmartFields with Value groups: Attributes will only show attribute data types Table and Yes/No: Select the Smartfield and/or attribute you need so it appears on the right hand selection box then when the next ETL Refresh occurs, you will have data in the various tables in BBDW: DIM_A... Read More

BBDW – Helper USPs to improve developer productivity

By: Alan Eager

Posted on: October 29, 2012

Since I started working with the Blackbaud Data Warehouse (BBDW), I noticed that there were a number of repetitive tasks associated with developing extensions.  These included initially "hand coding" lots of standard SQL and some XML that often led to manual errors.  These included thinks like creation of all indexes for foreign keys on a new custom table, the generation of extended properties for help/documentation.  The following are USPs that can assist with many of these "manual" and "hand coding" tasks: USP Name   Description   Example USP_USR_CREATE_DWINDEXCOMMAND Creates statements for... Read More
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