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BBIS Error Resolution: Access denied to RE7Service – invalid username or password

By: Joseph Styons

Posted on: June 5, 2012

Have you seen this error before?   You’re not the only one. It has an easy resolution.   "The username/password pairs in this file:      \bbappfx\vroot\bbncsvc\web.config Should be made to match these two entries in the SETTING table:      RE7ServiceUser RE7ServicePassword Here is an example script to reset those values to ShelbyPortal/admin: delete setting where name in('RE7ServiceUser','RE7ServicePassword'); insert into setting(id,name,value) values (7,'RE7ServiceUser',EncryptByKey(Key_GUID('sym_BBInfinity'),convert(nvarchar(1000),'ShelbyPortal'))); insert into setting(id,name,valu... Read More
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Template error when adding a new item to a VS project

By: Chris Whisenhunt

Posted on: May 24, 2012

One of my developers was getting the error below when trying to add a new item to an existing project. He had 2 different SDKs on his machine so my first thought was that he didn’t have the correct one set. So I had him run the correct SetCurrentSDK.bat on his machine and try again. Still not working. We looked over the forums and found this,   After he ran the SetCurrentSDK.bat he sent me the log and I found that some of the dlls being copied were denied. He ended up solving the issue by run the SetCurrentSDK... Read More

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