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2 Quick T-SQL Keyboard Shortcuts

By: David Hodge

Posted on: October 28, 2011

Since Infinity relies heavily on SQL server,, we need a quick way of getting information about objects such as stored procedures, functions, tables, triggers, etc…  With that we need a quick way of finding out the information for these objects including field lists and even the inner workings of them.  This is nothing new as you can use the object explorer to browse for them, expand the tree and then script out the object.  If you are like me,this is too slow of a process!  With that here are 2 quick shortcuts that you may not know about in SMSS.

NOTE: These shortcuts may or may not be setup by default.  To change the settings for these go to Tools->Options… Environment\Keyboard.  You will see the query shortcuts.  Make sure sp_help and sp_helptext are set for Alt+F1 and Ctrl+F1 respectively.

Alt+F1 (usually setup by default).  AKA sp_help

Since you often know the name of the procedure/function/table you are trying to get information about, try typing it in a new query window, highlight it and press Alt+F1.  You will see the metadata pull up for the object.



Ctrl+F1 (usually NOT setup by default). AKA sp_helptext

Similar to Alt+F1, type in the object in a new query window, highlight it and press Ctrl+F1.  This will bring up the definition of it.


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