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bbcon2013 content

By: Ben Lambert

Posted on: October 17, 2013

For the benefit of my session attendees as well as folks who were unable to attend #bbcon this year, here are the slides, source code, and deployables from my session!

Here are the slides:
bbcon2013.InfinitySDK contains the source code (VB.NET) for the Gamification demo, which uses gaming techniques to drive user behavior in the application (for example, to incentivize fundraisers to file contact reports or complete prospect plan steps). This zip contains the Catalog, UIModel, Workflow, and Mobile projects: contains the files to deploy to the CRM web server for the Gamification demo (just unzip to the virtual directory folder): contains the files to deploy to the CRM workflow server for the Gamification demo (just unzip to the virtual directory folder): contains the source code for the other things shown (constituent deceasing workflow, biographical change request workflow, outlook addin, mobile change requests, etc) – some of this material was shown again this year (for newbies!):

To get the most out of this functionality:

  • Obviously, you’ll need have Workflow configured 🙂
  • Make sure you have good system roles defined, with users placed into the roles accordingly
  • Make sure you have email alerts configured, and specify an email address for your application user
  • Assign yourself to the “Application User Awards” workflow inbox, and subscribe to the “Workflow Task Assigned” alert so you get notifications when a user gets a reward for earning a badge
  • I like to add the My Workflow Inbox task to the home page for convenience
  • Define your game center badges (you can use the DefaultData.sql script in the Catalog project to add a bunch of badges if you’d like – or just add whatever you want manually)
  • Define workflow triggers to trigger the “Add Feature Points” workflow when the desired features are invoked. I.e., when a data form is saved, or a record operation is invoked, or a record appears in a feed alert -> trigger the “Add Feature Points” workflow
  • Note that when a user is awarded any Gold or Silver badge, another workflow will be initiated (the Badge Awarded workflow) which will generate a task to reward the user for earning the badge
  • Let me know if you have any questions…

    Time permitting, I’ll write a more detailed blog post describing these great demos were built.

    If you have any questions, please let me know!

    Note: I originally posted this article as a “Post” post instead of a “Blog” post, so you can also find this information here:

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