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BBIS Troubleshooting–RE7Service Errors

By: Joseph Styons

Posted on: February 1, 2013

This is my first post in a series of simple “How to fix your BBIS” installation.

Our first error is the dreaded “Error loading attributes: Access denied to RE7Service – invalid username or password: ‘ShelbyPortal’”.

You can see this error in your TestConfig page – it will show up as a failed “REAPI Connection”.


You may also see it inside your site, when you browse to the “Administration->Sites & Settings” area.



In a nutshell, the RE7Service is the link between BBIS and the CRM backend.

The name itself is a legacy from the old days when BBIS was called “Blackbaud NetCommunity”, and tied to a Raiser’s Edge backend.

The calls that BBIS runs through that service are authenticated by CRM, and that authentication is what’s failing when you see this error.

To fix it, the username/password pairs in this file:
[YOUR CRM ROOT FOLDER]\bbappfx\vroot\bbncsvc\web.config

Must match these two entries in the SETTING table:
It doesn’t matter which one you change – they just have to match.

Here is an example script to reset those values to ShelbyPortal/admin*:

 1: --depending on your BBIS version, the key may have a different integer value, so we look it up first

 2: declare @RE7ServiceUserKey int = (select id from setting where name = 'RE7ServiceUser');

 3: declare @RE7ServicePasswordKey int = (select id from setting where name = 'RE7ServicePassword');


 5: --out with the old

 6: delete setting where name in('RE7ServiceUser','RE7ServicePassword');


 8: --in with the new

 9: insert into setting(id,name,value) values (@RE7ServiceUserKey,'RE7ServiceUser',EncryptByKey(Key_GUID('sym_BBInfinity'),convert(nvarchar(1000),'ShelbyPortal')));

 10: insert into setting(id,name,value) values (@RE7ServicePasswordKey,'RE7ServicePassword',EncryptByKey(Key_GUID('sym_BBInfinity'),convert(nvarchar(1000),'admin')));

The corresponding entry for your web.config file would be this line*

 1: <add key="RE7ServiceUsers" value="ShelbyPortal\admin,PluginService\admin,MailConstructor\admin"/>


Obligatory link to the handbook

*Consult your physician before running any scripts or editing web.config files on a production server.

3 thoughts on “BBIS Troubleshooting–RE7Service Errors

  1. I am using the same procedure to solve the error but I am unable to get the encrypted key.

    select EncryptByKey(Key_GUID(‘sym_BBInfinity’),convert(nvarchar(1000),’admin’))

    it returns null when selecting both User Ids and Password

  2. The EncryptByKey function returns null if the specific encryption key ‘sym_BBInfinity’ is not “open” in the current session.

    You can open the key with the “OPEN SYMMETRIC KEY” T-SQL statement, but need to know all the right parameters to do that. For me it was easier to include this at the beginning of the script:

    EXEC dbo.Usp_get_key_access;

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