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InsertGuid Macro

By: TripOtt

Posted on: September 5, 2012

This macro will allow you generate and insert a new guid value with a single keystroke or button press.  This is an extremely useful macro because you will be creating a lot of new guid values when you begin writing your xml specs.

  1. In Visual Studio, go to “Tools > Macros > Macro Explorer”.
  2. Right-click on the “Macros” node and choose “Load Macro Project…”
  3. Assuming you have installed the Blackbaud CRM SDK, browse to “<Your local install location>\SDK\Macros” and open the “BlackbaudEnterprise.vsmacros” file.
  4. In the Visual Studio keyboard options you can map the macro to your favorite keystroke.  I have mine mapped to “CTRL + ALT + G”.
  5. Now just place you cursor at the location in your spec to insert a new guid value and type your keystroke.  The macro will run and insert a new guid value at your cursor location.

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