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1.7k questions

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Hi All,

I have already extended two Forms Demographic Edit Form and Individual Biographical Edit Form 3, and have double checked everything, meaning the DataformsInstanceIDs on the Extension specs, the record type

the code for the Biographical Edit Form 3

	Name="Constituent Info Ext Edit Data Form"
	Description="Constituent Info Ext Edit Data Form for Alsac" 
	Author="Blackbaud Professional Services"

  <common:DataFormExtension DataFormInstanceID ="788ab947-26ed-40c4-865e-8fe29577e593" RenderStyle ="Tab" TabCaption ="Additional Information"/>


The Demographic edit form includes only one new field.

Please can you tell what could have gone wrong as i have checked almost everything and cannot understand what could be causing the problem.

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1 Answer

Did you check to make sure the RecordType and SecurityUIFolder are correct?

Also -- Are you attempting to use converted records to check to see if the extension works or new records? Depending on how you built the Add its possible the extensions don't have a record in the table so there isn't anything to edit so the edit fields will not appear.

Hope that helps!

answered by webtechie (465 points)