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1.7k questions

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I have been tasked with creating a customization in BBEC that uses custom attribute tables. Is there a best-practices way in which I can create these custom attribute tables in the Development environment, and port the tables to the Live environment without having to tweak the SQL that accesses the custom attribute data as I move my customization from Development to Live?

Many thanks in advance

James Tullett

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Yes, this can be a pain. The easiest way to do this is is to script out the attribute creation process and ignore the UI. This way the ID's / table names will remain the same and you can keep the SQL the way you have it. Here is a sample one from an older project of mine that uses a codetable.

declare @CHANGEAGENTID uniqueidentifier


if not exists (select null from dbo.CODETABLECATALOG where ID = '3e8d5879-da3e-43a8-beab-1fb4821f11aa')
exec dbo.USP_LOADSPEC N'<CodeTableSpec xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns="bb_appfx_codetable" ID="3e8d5879-da3e-43a8-beab-1fb4821f11aa" Name="Congressional District" Description="This code table stores the translations of congressional districts." Author="Blackbaud Product Development" DBTablename="CONGRESSIONALDISTRICTCODE" Category="Biographical" IsBuiltIn="true"><InstalledProductList xmlns="bb_appfx_commontypes"><InstalledProduct ID="3117d2c8-7f46-42f2-abeb-b654f2f63046" /><InstalledProduct ID="42c15648-749e-4859-a56d-3a6474814cc7" /><InstalledProduct ID="6f77d512-d0d1-444f-9b46-b8603a6fe5f1" /><InstalledProduct ID="bb9873d7-f1ed-430a-8ab4-f09f47056538" /><InstalledProduct ID="a919502c-a2f6-4a56-9183-28e3f667916e" /></InstalledProductList></CodeTableSpec>'

if not exists (select null from dbo.ATTRIBUTECATEGORY where ID = '288f9837-bed2-403a-b90e-fec415e98c1f')
    @ID = '288f9837-bed2-403a-b90e-fec415e98c1f',
    @NAME = N'Congressional District',
    @ATTRIBUTERECORDTYPEID = '5e92dd4c-e031-441a-998a-998d370bc3a6',
    @CODETABLECATALOGID = '3e8d5879-da3e-43a8-beab-1fb4821f11aa',
answered by davidhodge (1.8k points)