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1.7k questions

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I have a data form extension that adds a few fields to an existing out of the box form. I would like to create an addin that allows the user to press a button on the form.

On pressing the button it will use the data from the main data form and update the data in the data form extension. When I create the addin I have done it based on the main form but then I only see and have access to the field on the main form and not the fields on the extension.

Is there a way of doing this so that I can update the fields on the extension too?

It may be possible to update the underlying data but I would also want it to be shown on the edit form itself (and besides would there not be issues with the record being locked for editing if I try to update the values outside of the form while having the form values editable?)



asked by zeiddev (513 points)
It was suggested that I create the addin to the form that is the extension and then access the fields of the existing form by calling the values from the Me.MODEL.RootUIModel property of the addin.

However whenever I try this and access the fields property I simply access the fields of my custom form and not of the form that is hosting the extension.

1 Answer

Hurray! I found the solution. You can look at it in my other post, here.

You will be able to handle the button click event on the extension side, and affect both your extension fields AND the fields of the parent form model.

answered by oliviermayo (167 points)
Do you suppose this works with attribute extensions?