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1.7k questions

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I'm working on a customization that requires me to store a date time value.

I have defined this in my table spec:

<DateField Name="EFFECTIVEDATE" IncludeTime="true" Required="true" />
<DateField Name="EXPIRATIONDATE" IncludeTime="true" Required="true" />

and this in my add form:

<c:FormField FieldID="EFFECTIVEDATE" DataType="Date" IncludeTimeOnDate="true" Required="true" Caption="Effective Date" Description="Date and time this message will appear." />
<c:FormField FieldID="EXPIRATIONDATE" DataType="Date" IncludeTimeOnDate="true" Required="false" Caption="Expiration Date" Description="Date and time this message will expire." />

Both have the "includeTimeOnDate" option set to true... and so when I select a date in the form, it tacks on the time as 12:00:00 PM.

So I try to change it to something else, like 3:00 AM or 3:00 PM or 15:00 PM, and as soon as I move away from that field, it changes it back to 12:00:00 AM.

What's going on here? How do I get it to accept a time?

Here's the "documentation":

asked by rickroot (273 points)
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Sorry about the confusion this has caused. As a workaround, perhaps you could split the field into separate fields for date and time and piece those together before the datetime is provided to the save or edit. This issue is addressed in a bug fix and the fix will appear in the next major release of Blackbaud CRM.

answered by thomastregner (497 points)
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Thanks, that's exactly what I decided to do this morning.  Add time fields and then just piece it back together for the inserts/updates.