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1.7k questions

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I am trying to add a hyperlink to a rpt column to go to the Constituent page. The rpt column does appear to have hyperlink functionality, but I am getting this error when I click the column 'You must specify a record ID'
I have followed a couple of examples but must be missing something.
Here is the page code:

<PageHeader Caption="Bequest Expectancy Report" ImageKey="CATALOG:Blackbaud.AppFx.EventManagement.Catalog.dll,Blackbaud.AppFx.EventManagement.Catalog.fa_events.png" />
	<Tab ID="1dbff15d-aaf8-4eeb-99bd-5d14cae27a19" Caption="Tab caption">

		<!-- define the sections for this tab -->
			<Section ID="7a5e6f55-e841-4efc-b36b-501b96d47bec" Caption="Report" HideCaption="True">
      <Report ID="88589552-c4cc-4006-8e61-03f0d90f5122" DisplayPromptArea="true" ></Report>

      <!-- define the section-level actions -->
					<Action  ID="5c955aa6-2017-4dd4-a263-b1c560904264" LinkFieldID="Clink"  Caption="Go to Constituent Page" >
          <common:ShowPage PageID="88159265-2B7E-4C7B-82A2-119D01ECD40F">
asked by mpuffer (177 points)
Can you post the SQL to show what is building the "Clink" string?  I'm betting that may be where the problem is. Does it look something like this?

'' + convert(nvarchar(38),CONSTITUENT.ID) as Clink

1 Answer

It looks that you have missed to put LinkFieldID. Assuming you have set all the necesary page and report permission, you should be good to go.

The following link has all the step by step approach on "How to create a hyperlink in a report to point to CRM records"

Check it out.

[enter link description here][1]

answered by abeldebela (232 points)