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1.7k questions

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I have a split revenue record with multiple destinations and I need to display a link to each destination on a view data form. Is there a way to add UI actions dynamically from UI Model?

I am using CRM 3.0

asked by allaterentieva (560 points)
edited by allaterentieva

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I'm not sure if you can do this in 3.0 or not but you can do something like this...

In your meta data for the collection specify a UI action

<FormField FieldID="SPLITS" DataType="XML">
  <Collection ViewMode="Repeater">
      <FormField FieldID="DESIGNATIONID" DataType="Guid" Hidden="true" />
      <FormField FieldID="DESIGNATIONNAME" DataType="String" Hidden="true" />
        <UIAction ActionID="DESIGNATIONLINK">
          <ShowPage PageID="...">

Then in your UI model you can wire up the caption/label of the action to the name or whatever you want it to be

For Each split As ...SPLITSUIModel In Me.SPLITS.Value

And in your html you can use a template

<tr id="#MAP#SPLITS_container">
    <span id="#MAP#SPLITS_caption" class.. />
    <table id="#MAP#SPLITS_value">
        <tr id="#MAP#SPLITS_template">
            <a id="#MAP#SPLITS_DESIGNATIONLINK_action" />
answered by danielcooke (3.5k points)
selected by allaterentieva
Thank you, this works perfectly!
One ore question, is there a way to display these links next too each other as opposed to one under the other?
I've never done that before but you could try playing around where you place the template tag to get it to work