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1.7k questions

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I have a custom tribute add form that serves as an intermediary between a web form and CRM. The purpose is to display tribute pertinent information collected online so that our users can search for existing tributes to make the determination if a new tribute is needed. If a new tribute needs to be created, the process is completely straight forward: new tribute is created, tributee is selected from a search list, and acknowledgees/letters are inserted manually into a collection field. The problem comes when selecting an existing tribute. I have created a value changed method for the Tribute ID where, once the value is changed, I'm trying to call a datalist to load the acknowledgee/letter collection field, and a simple data list to load the tributee from the existing tribute. The code is as follows:

Private Sub _tributeID_ValueChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As Blackbaud.AppFx.UIModeling.Core.ValueChangedEventArgs) Handles _tributeid.ValueChanged
    Me.TRIBUTEE.Value = Nothing

    Dim trib = _tributeid.Value


End Sub

Private Sub ResetTributeAcknowledgee(ByVal trib As Guid)
    Dim AckReq As New DataListLoadRequest
    AckReq.DataListID = New Guid("7c8b3f7c-bb7e-455c-a087-2d975a35b8ba")
    AckReq.Parameters = New DataFormItem
    AckReq.Parameters.SetValue("TRIBUTEID", trib)

    Dim AckSvc = New AppFxWebService(Me.GetRequestContext())
    Dim AckReply = AckSvc.DataListLoad(AckReq)

    If AckReply IsNot Nothing Then
        For Each item In AckReply.Rows
            Dim TribAck = Me.TRIBUTEACKNOWLEDGEE.Value.AddNew()
            TribAck.ID.Value = New Guid(item.Values(0))
            TribAck.CONSTITUENTID.Value = New Guid(item.Values(2))
            TribAck.TRIBUTELETTERCODEID.Value = New Guid(item.Values(5))
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub ResetTributee(ByVal trib As Guid)
    Dim TribReq As New SimpleDataListLoadRequest
    TribReq.DataListID = New Guid("b84fd53f-a5dd-4012-8557-ecd49aced2f9")
    TribReq.Parameters = New DataFormItem
    TribReq.Parameters.SetValue("TRIBUTEID", trib)

    Dim TribSvc = New AppFxWebService(Me.GetRequestContext())
    Dim TribReply = TribSvc.SimpleDataListLoad(TribReq)
    If TribReply IsNot Nothing Then
        For Each item In TribReply.Rows
            Me.TRIBUTEE.Value = New Guid(item.Value)
    End If
End Sub

When I build this, then try to run through the process, I get the error: "You must specify a valid Context Record ID." Per the data list I'm trying to call, the ID field has an index of 0, so I was under the impression that's what I need to do when using a DataListLoadRequest. I removed the ResetTributeAcknowledgee() sub altogether to see if the error would go away. It did, however, the ResetTributee() doesn't seem to be working either leading me to believe I really have no idea what to do. Can anyone let me know what is wrong with this code? Thanks.

asked by davidkoleno (188 points)
edited by danielcooke

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The context is not a parameter to the datalist and should be set through AckReq.ContextRecordID

As far as the simple datalist call I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to accomplish - is Me.TRIBUTEE already a simple datalist field or are you trying to populate a single value? Currently you are iterating over a collection of rows and overwriting on each subsequent row.

answered by danielcooke (3.5k points)
selected by davidkoleno
Awesome! AckReq.ContextRecordID worked great. As for the Me.TRIBUTEE field, it is not a collection. I am trying to populate a single value. I couldn't think of another way to do it without executing SQL directly in my script. I figured since Tribute -> Tributee is a one-to-one relationship, this would be a pretty simple way to do it. Is there any easier way? Sorry, I'm really new to this stuff and trying really hard to pick it up!
I would update it to a view data form where the context of that form is the tributee.  You can have that view form return the single value or if later it is one-to-many return a collection of values.
I did some additional testing and learned that the value was being passed in. This is a guid field, but it is also a searchlist field. I realized that on the Acknowledgee/Letter collection field, the Letter code was visible because it is a code table field and hence can handle the translation from value to label. However, the Acknowledgee field is also blank, is also a guid field, and also a search list field. That the challenge for me and my noob skills. How do I pass a guid into a search list field, invoke the search to take place, and automatically pick the match? I found some methods for InvokeSearch, but documentation on how to work with it is sparse and I'm unsure how to work it into my current code structure. I'm initiating a new topic since I know this technically is a different topic.