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1.7k questions

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I'm creating a script that will link BBIS to eCRM in various environments (DEV, TST, STG, etc), and I have a script for each environment that changes the current BBIS URLs stored in the [SETTINGS] table, to the URLs associated with that specific server.

So far, I've managed to find all references, except for the 'Blackbaud Internet Solutions URL' found within eCRM [eCRM Home Page > Web > Blackbaud internet Solutions URL].

After a database refresh (ie. Taking the production database, and copying it over to Staging), we run the script, and BBIS is happy... almost. We still have to manually change that one URL.

If anyone can point out the Database Location, I can add it to my script.

And example of my current script is:

-- RE7 Service URL and CustomServiceURL
SET Value = ''
WHERE ID IN (33, 34)
asked by rupton (145 points)

1 Answer

The table that contains that value is NETCOMMUNITYINTEGRATION.

More generally, you can often see the SQL behind CRM forms by entering page design mode, right clicking on the task (in this case, the "Blackbaud Internet Solutions" task under the "Web" functional area), and selecting "view xml".

answered by josephstyons (1.8k points)