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1.7k questions

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I was just wondering if the answer from this 2012 question is still the best way to go for pre-populating a table during catalog load.

if you're using a build/deploy process you could also roll the SQL
statement execution in with the customization load. MSBuild is a
particularly attractive option since there are MSBuild tasks included
with the BB CRM that can make config load, customization load, and SQL
execution easier.

If you went this route, the MSBuild tasks are located in the
assembly. A few we've found useful are "ExecuteSQL",
"ImportConfigurationData", and "LoadCatalogItem".

asked by mitchgibbs (153 points)

1 Answer

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Yes, although that's the best option during a build. I usually just create record operations and run those if I don't have direct access to the database.

answered by chriswhisenhunt (3.9k points)
selected by mitchgibbs

Makes sense. Thanks, Chris.