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1.7k questions

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401 users

Is there any documentation on custom form and data form uiwidgets?

asked by chriswhisenhunt (3.9k points)

1 Answer

Hi Chris,

I noticed no one answered this. Are you looking for general information about using uiwidgets or just as they relate to data forms?

answered by nolan-regenwether (139 points)

I too am looking for documentation for uiwidgets. The current docs and videos are very thin. Is there anything else other than the SDK doc?

Here are the resources I have found (through some digging). Probably you have found all this information but just in case, here goes. It's kind of a dump of links and info but hopefully it helps.

The table which holds UI Widgets is UIWIDGETCATALOG.

There is pretty good documentation inside the UIWidgetSpec.xsd file in the SDK, although it's copyrighted 2010 so I think it hasn't been touched in a while.

There are samples located in the SDK installation directory under the samples directory.

This example project from Blackbaud says it has a uiwidget in it here...

I've found this little blurb in the release notes..

Here's they're talking about using list builders as fields for parameters.

Here is a post that is pretty interesting saying not to use them and instead shows trigger fields.

Here is the kitchen sink video which has some information about uimodeling and ui widgets.

This appears to have information about passing parameters via the ui widget

Here is how to display summary data in the summary section from a data list.