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1.7k questions

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Hello All

We are retrieving sponsorship "Notes" in an ad hoc query.

When we enter the notes using CRM webui we have a rich text (html) editor.

When we see the column retrieved in the ad hoc query all the html tags have been stripped out.

Is there a way to preserve the tags? I can see that the webui is preserving the tags.

Thanks in advance for looking and having a think!

asked by nightand (119 points)
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I would think no, but am not 100%. I'm betting that the html is encoded therefore it won't be shown in the display.

answered by chriswhisenhunt (3.9k points)
selected by nightand

The problem is that the ad hoc query is being used by ajax in BBIS (using BLACKBAUD.api.QueryService) and the column appears to have had the tags stripped out when retrieved that way as well. It would be good if the markup made it through to BBIS. But I'll take this as a "no". Thanks for your help!