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1.7k questions

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I've loaded the latest SDK for 4.0 on my machine and I'm using VS 2015 (I've also tested with VS2013).
When I try to run Refresh UI Model I get this error:

The UI Model could not be regenerated. Method not found: 'Void BBUIModelLibrary.UIModelGenerator..ctor(Blackbaud.AppFx.XmlTypes.CatalogBase, System.String, BBUIModelLibrary.Language)'.

The previous version of the SDK that I had could build the UIModel files, and the html file, but even though it didn't create an error it would never actually refresh the vb files when changes were made to my report spec meta data.

Is there a way to make this work, or do I need to build a new UIModel project every time I change my metadata and reload all my code into the new empty vb files?

asked by reportdeveloper80 (155 points)

This should work and should automatically update your vb files. Just a couple of questions to try to narrow down the issue...

  • Are your vb files read-only?
  • Have you loaded the spec into the database using the LoadSpec tool?
  • Do you have the UIModel vb open and the cursor inside the file when using the tool?
  • Did you have Visual Studio closed when installing the SDK?
  • Can you check the UIModel.xml file for the UI Model you are trying to generate and make sure it is correct. Please post the contents here if you are unsure.

1 Answer

After revisiting the download page I noticed that the name of the executable that I had didn't include the SP version.

I downloaded the most recent SDK (4.0SP14) again, reinstalled and re-ran and it appears the error message is gone.

answered by reportdeveloper80 (155 points)