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1.7k questions

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I have a custom report that pulls the constituent ID from the constituent page as a parameter via a Context ID on the page.

This context gets fed into the Constituent search field in my parameter UI/report spec meta data.

> <c:FormField FieldID="CONSTITUENTID" Caption="Constituent ID"
> DataType="Guid" Hidden="false" AllowNullValue="false" Required="true" 
> >
>         <c:SearchList SearchListID="23c5c603-d7d8-4106-aecc-65392b563887"
> EnableAutoSearch="false" EnableQuickFind="true"
> DisplayTextIsValue="true">
>         </c:SearchList>
>       </c:FormField>

This is working to fill in the constituent ID and display the correct results, however, it displays in the parameter UI as a GUID.

Is there a way to have the value displayed be the constituent's name instead?

asked by reportdeveloper80 (155 points)

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You need to set the translation function. The blackbaud version can be used if you don't need any custom formating. At the top of the SearchList spec include:

answered by toneil (220 points)
selected by reportdeveloper80

The Search list that I'm using '23c5c603-d7d8-4106-aecc-65392b563887' is an out of the box search list for the Constituent Search functionality.

I took a look at the out of box spec for this search list, thinking that I might need to create a custom version, and it already includes the translation function that you've referenced here.

Is there something that I would need to do in the UI Model/HTML side of my customization to have it reference the translated value rather than the GUID?

Just noticed you have display text is value on which is probably over riding the translation function value. Can you try setting it to false or just remove entirely.


I removed it completely, saved, and then refreshed my UIModel.

It still shows up as the GUID when fed via the context ID. Just to clarify, if the user uses the search feature to find a new constiutent the constiutent name DOES appear afterward. It's only during the initial population of the value when the page pulls constituent ID from the context of the constituent page.

UPDATE**** It appears that something didn't refresh properly the last time.
I am now seeing the name of the constituent. Thank you.