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1.7k questions

3.2k answers

401 users

Has anyone ever successfully created a CLR data form extension to a CLR data form? The data form extension was generated by Blackbaud's wizard. It loads into the database as a valid data form extension, therefore the record type is correct. The load implementation break points hit, however whenever I save I get the following.

"You must specify a valid Context Record ID."

The breakpoints in my save function do not get hit. I'm guessing it's throwing an error when the parent form tries to instantiate the data form extension and doesn't specify a context record ID in some function. Please tell me someone has put together a fix for this.


asked by chriswhisenhunt (3.9k points)

1 Answer

Looking in the code, I see the comment "by definition add form extensions cannot have a LoadImplementation (the context ID won't exist until the parent form is saved)". This throws an error when addLoadSpecSP exists. I don't see anywhere that checks for CLR implementations so not sure if this is a miss or not.

I think the problem may be that you shouldn't have a load implementation. Can you try it without and see if you have the same problem?

Also, do you have a Context element? I think you must or the form wouldn't have validated when you loaded it, but just wanted to make sure.

answered by christi (717 points)