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1.7k questions

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I'm relatively new to BCRM so please bear with me.

I'm attempting to create a Payment record using the Appfx Web Service DataFormSave SOAP request and the "Payment Add Form" data form (not sure if this is a standard form...). REVENUESTREAMSS is required XML field - I can't determine how to format the XML. I've tried various iterations all of which return a generic error:

Server was unable to process request. ---> Please enter a valid 'Revenue streams'.

Looking for some direction or a resource on how to format the XML.

asked by dbough (102 points)

1 Answer

I don't have the answer but...

I started off using the Appfx web service but I found it much easier in terms of useful error messages and structuring data to use the Bizops web service instead.

If you look at the Bizops end points to can find the XML structure for "SaveData" on the "Payment Add Form".

From your CRM splash page, you'd go to "Endpoints > Business Operations Services > [dbname] > Record Creates" and then find in the list "Revenue :: Payment Add Form" and then click "SOAP".

Even if you don't use Bizops instead, I believe (I could be wrong!) the Appfx data should be structured in an equivalent way.

But as it happens I'm just struggling myself at the moment with adding a payment record in Bizops!

answered by nightand (119 points)